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​​​​Our entry-level zero gravity recliner has all of the benefits of zero gravity, with synthetic hyde, hand-carved wood base, lumbar vibration massage and heat, relaxation, self-care, quicker recovery, and back health are here. Svago Zero Gravity Recliners are designed to suspend your body into a neutral posture where your feet are elevated in alignment with your heart, creating a weightless feeling. This position helps to reduce pressure on your spine and joints, improve blood circulation, and ease muscle tension. Svago chairs are the ultimate zero gravity recliners built with the best hand crafted materials and state of the art technology. The Svago lite 2 is our latest entry recliner to enjoy all the benefits of zero gravity relaxation in the comforts of your home.



  • One motor
  • High-Density Poly-Foam
  • Synthetic Hyde
  • Vibration Massager
  • Lumbar-Area Heat Therapy
  • Manual Headrest
  • Pre-Set Footrest
  • Custom Massage Programs
  • One Touch Zero Gravity
  • Remote Control
  • Elongated Armrests
  • Solid Wood Base
  • One-Touch Power Off

Svago 210 Svago Lite 2

$1,898.98 Regular Price
$1,499.99Sale Price
  • This item comes with a Standard Warranty: 1 year In-Home Service and 2 year Parts. For Additional 2 Years In-Home Service and 1 year Parts for an additional $199.99

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